Future of lenses if four thirds is abandoned

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Re: Future of lenses if four thirds is abandoned

Mark Ransom wrote:

drj3 wrote:

Any manufacturer may at some point abandon digital camera production. The mFTs lenses would still work on all previously manufactured mFTs cameras, but they would be of minimal or no value for other current larger sensor cameras.

However, the same is true for all manufacturers who might chose to abandon a shrinking digital camera market.

While older SLR lenses tend to work for years with little need for repair, then same is not true of modern lenses with electronic focus & aperture control, flex cables, etc.

Even if the manufacturer continues manufacturing cameras, there is no assurance that they will continue to repair older lenses. At one time Olympus had a statement that lenses with the last manufacture date of more than five years may not be capable of being repaired. They now say "certain older products (usually 7 years since introduction) are no longer repairable due to lack of parts"

So the future of lenses for any manufacturer may not be forever, even if they do no abandon digital camera production.

This is a point that doesn't come up often enough. There are 50 year old lenses that are still making great pictures. But I doubt any of the lenses we buy today will still be working 50 years from now, there are enough delicate parts and electronics inside that something is guaranteed to break.

The only safe way forward is to buy bodies that can be adapted to those old lenses. And guess what one of the strengths of m4/3 is?

Another point that you brought up but few care about, and that's the 50-year-old plus lenses that can be used today. Much prefer native lenses. Besides, at my age I have less than ten years left, and two-plus of them are sidelined due to coronavirus.

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