Did anyone try the Tamron 85mm f/1.8 SP on the RP?

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Re: Did anyone try the Tamron 85mm f/1.8 SP on the RP?

Tannin wrote:

Sittatunga wrote:

It's not Canon's anti-vignette function bug, it's Sigma's and Tamron's. Canon's anti-vignette function is tailored to the information it gets from the lens. It can't work properly if that information's spoofed.

Nonsense. All Canon needs to do is have the firmware test to see if the attached lens is one of the ones on its list of known lenses (it does this anyway, so as not to apply the vignette correction for a Canon 85/1.8 to a Canon 85/1.2L), and if the lens is not on its list, do nothing.

It's a trivially simple fix, but Canon chooses not to do it for marketing reasons. (They don't like the third-party makers and try to stuff them up where they can - so long as it's not too obvious, of course.)

Hardly nonsense. Canon would only need to do anything more than warn against using in camera lens corrections with third party lenses if they had actually licensed someone to produce a lenses for them. In a lot of the older lenses, the third party lens reports itself as a completely different Canon brand lens, so that's going to upset the camera's corrections. See https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2012/08/canon-illumination-correction-and-third-party-lenses/

If I were making an accessory for a motor car, I would expect to design that accessory to work properly with that car. I can't expect, say, Toyota to redesign their cars to check for my accessory and modify their behaviour in the light of its presence. Not without a licensing agreement. That's why I say it's the third party manufacturer's bug, not Canon's.

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