LIVE GR TALK with Samuel Lintaro & RICOH Product Manager Germany

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Re: LIVE GR TALK with Samuel Lintaro & RICOH Product Manager Germany

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

Charuteiro wrote:

April 22, 2020: LIVE GR TALK with Samuel Lintaro & RICOH Product Manager Germany

Edit: Copy and Paste link into browser:

Highlights for me:

1. 44:50 - Will the built in flash ever make a comeback? (Wolfgang shows GR-III with Pentax AF201G);

2. 1:09:34: GR-IV;

3. 1:10:34: Small external flash made specifically for GR-III?

4. 1:11:30: GR-II Firmware Updates? "We still sell the GR-II, but"…

5. 1:20:45: How far away from the GR-IV?

Thanks for posting this. The guy Lintaro is always nice and does a good job at being a GR evangelist. He has also won the trust of Ricoh themselves.

But this long long interview, I have to say - in terms of facts and information - is a waste of time. Jump straight to around 1:04:00 where the German Product Manager admits that he actually knows nothing concrete about future plans of the GR, and then rolls off a series of personal wishes for the GR4. Much the same thing we can get from any members on this forum.

GR TV. A PR exercise.

The video remind me of the "fuji guys" videos, targeting people wo join the GR line. The vid apear less formal alltogether. Due to lack of factual news from Ricoh Japan the talk about GR IV is speculative and wishful thinking. The manager makes a comment of identyfiying GR as a nature photographers camera. This could be a hint that WR is high on the list.

I am not sure if this is agains DPr Forum rules, but I like to post a screenshot from the video I found to be a funny moment with regards to GR IV...

how far are we from Ricoh GR IV youtube screenshot

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