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greyhoundrick wrote:

Richard B99 wrote:

greyhoundrick wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well!

I want to purchase a macro lens to use with my Nikon Z7 and would really like to hear your recommendations.

I like to shoot mostly non moving objects and do not mind having a manual focus only lens whatsoever.

Im thinking something in the 60-105mm range and my budget is around $500 max. Would obviously like to go cheaper if possible.

New, used or refurbished is fine. Would prefer a Nikkor lens but would also consider other brands.

Thanks so much for your help. I have researched this some online, but I value the opinion of the members of the DPREVIEW forums and appreciate your thoughts.

take care,


I use my 105mm f/2.8D for micro. Still a very good lens with a very flat field. Of course it’s manual focus only on Z but that’s hardly an issue for me as I normally focus with a rail anyway. (The focus peaking on Z’s makes manual adjustment very easy. It does also have the advantage of having an aperture ring too which remains handy for macro too at times.
Of course, you can do macro with non macro lenses and tubes but it’s well worth while you make sure the lens is specifically designed with close focus corrections. Macro lenses will of course have these but they also tend to have flat fields and better centre to edge performance at short distances. Again, both of these can be handy with the typically super small depth of fields in macro.

Excellent information! Appreciate it very much!

I know its a short lens, but Im also looking at a used Nikkor 60mm f2.8 D Micro lens that I could use on my D500 and Z7. The DX body would be nice for portraits and the Z7 would work with the 60mm, but no autofocus so would have to manually do focus stacking and would also probably need macro lights due to the closer proximity of the subject caused by having only 60mm.

The prices on the 60mm are around $200-$400 used and I think around $550 new.

thanks again Richard!!



I haven’t used the 60mm but it also seems to have a very good reputation.  The only issue is, as you point out, working distance which is quite a bit less.  I never see manual focus stacking as an issue but it does of course tend to need specialist software.

That being said, I haven’t tried the in camera software for stacking!

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