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Re: Noise suppression is a must!

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Noise suppression for Merrill sensor cameras is a must. The RAW data is horrible. Much, much, much noisier than a comparable Bayer sensor camera. The only advantage with the Merrill sensor is that all pixels are equal. Very democratic. Noise everywhere.

The Bayer mosaic filter in front of the sensor has several problems

  • Colored aliasing, that in the worst case leads to colored moire.
  • Need for a clever algorithm to enhance sharpness which leads to straight lines being sharper than more complicated stuff, i.e. varying sharpness.
  • Faulty color for thin details. A version of color aliasing.

But high resolution Foveon has noise, lots of noise. That Sigma successfully suppress in SPP with advanced software. They use NLM, non-local means, invented in 2005. Kalpanika software also uses it.

Sometimes I am tempted to try it on Bayer images. It is very efficient for removing noise, and everything that looks like noise. It has artifacts though (except for removing things that looks like noise). You might get a shadow of something a bit away. So, among the green leaves you might get some redder ones, because there is a red sign 50 pixels away.

Yes, but it just works Doesn't wotk so well with my two FF Bayer cameras.

Thabk you for your efforts.

This thread is so symptomatic of this forum. Flog the technology you use, but don't mention how crappy the alternative is.

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