Nikon Z Series and Sensor Dust/Oil Spots

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My former Z6 developed oil spots, bad. Worse than my former D600.

I wonder where the oil comes from with no flopping mirror in the Z's. Perhaps from the IBIS setup?

I did several wet cleanings. Did another small shoot, and boom, oil was back. Dust also, but the dust would blow away. Not the oil, of course. I returned it. I went with a Sony A7iii and only occasional dust corrected with a rocket blower.

Honestly wish I knew. Shutter? Ibis? I was honestly upset. I loved my Z6 but didn't want to deal with this again.

The only moving part that would need lubrication is the shutter plus maybe a bit for the lens locking mechanism.

What I'd do is maybe turn on the electronic shutter after cleaning the sensor and use it for a week to see if the problem returns.

Dang, I didn't even consider/think about that. It was so odd. It didn't do this in the beginning. But weeks into it, it started. I was within my return window, so I returned it and let them know why. I was mad because this was my D600 as well, even after Nikon corrected the D600.

So you dumped the entirety of all your Nikon gear in the last month and replaced it all with Sony?

Edit: OK, just saw your thread in the Sony forum declaring your switch. I find the whole thing a little odd. First, your case is the only case I have ever heard of this, it's nothing like the D600. After a year and a half, this is just not a reported issue.

Second, I am sure Nikon could just swap a new one, or you could return it and buy another.

I get your frustration as stated over there, but it's a funny pill to swallow after you declared your Df and F lenses the best ever-I will never get rid of them, then six months later declare the Z6 the best ever_I will never get rid of it, then declare one S lens awesome only to dump it a week later for another best ever prime. At the end of the day, this all reeks of gear ADHD rather than anything else. I mean, a warrantable issue of one component and you dump the entire catalog? That's not something most people would do. You will forgive us for not believing anything you say at this point.

Anyway, enjoy your new Sony gear and see you after 6 months in the Canon forums....LOL!

Freedom of choice. Competition is a good thing. No regrets. I was with Nikon for more than a decade. What was happening with my Z6 was frustrating and I was already on the fence with my past issues with my former D600/D800. I do miss the DF, of course. It's an awesome camera. It kept me from going mirrorless many months ago, but I finally gave in.

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