P900/950 or B700 owners please help!

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Re: P900/950 or B700 owners please help!

Here is a comparison between the P950 vs. the B700 (and the P1000 thrown in). The B700 has a 20 meg sensor and is noisier than the P950 that has a 16meg sensor. The B700 is very compact and doesn't have the same zoom level, but sometimes captures more detail in wide to medium zoom, but you will see the P950 is better. If you want the longest zoom with best sharpness at the zoom end, then the P1000 is still tops. If you want that latest tech, viewfinder, and capture speed, then the P950. If you want a camera with reasonable zoom, good medium zoom for general landscapes and easy to carry, then the B700. It also has pretty good 4k video, so does the P950. All just my opinion, from using all these cameras.

B700-24mm long shot--notice the arrow--that is zoomed in spot.

B700-1440mm max zoom - straight out of the camera (SOOC)

B700 - 4320mm digital zoom SOOC

B700- 5760mm digital zoom sharpened. Use to compare with digital zooms of the other cameras.

P950 - 2000mm max zoom - SOOC

P950 - 4400 digital zoom SOOC Compare this to the B700 4320mm SOOC

P950 - 8000mm 4xdigital zoom SOOC Pretty amazing, using just a small area of the 1/2.3 sensor.

P1000 - 12000mm max zoom sharpened (Just for grins

P1000 - 12000mm max zoom insulator (Amazing)

B700-170mm zoom - Some sharpening. To show the detail this camera can capture--zoom in just above the basket you will see a person bending over to talk to his son. Given the depth of field, most cameras would show that as paint mush. This is where the 20megapixels shines when not pushing the zoom.

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