How and when did you find your style (photo and edit)?

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Re: How and when did you find your style (photo and edit)?

Nic727 wrote:


I'm an amateur photographer and wish to improve in this field to become more professional just because I want and maybe not for a job yet.

However, I started a website and put some photos on it, but I saw that most of my photos don't look the same, I mean, don't have the same style. Now I'm just scared of publishing my website officially because it will not look "professional".

Does it take years of practice to find a photography style or editing style?

Now just for experimenting, I downloaded some photos from "EditMyRAW" reddit to try to find my editing style, but maybe I'm just a noob, but I'm editing all images differently depending on exposition, colors, shadow, etc. My idea was to experimenting and create my own presets from there, but it looks like it will not happen...

Whatever, I can't wait to hear your tips about how to improve in photography.

Thank you in advance.

A lot of different issues here. First, post processing images is, for most, simply a mechanical matter of getting the most out of any given image: correcting exposure, color, saturation, lens problems, opening up shadow detail, bringing down highlights, cropping out rubbish, correcting horizon tilt, etc. True, some folks do all kinds of weird and wonderful things to their photos until they hardly resemble reality, but most pros just want their photos to look "right."

Next, when I started out in photography many years ago, I did one exercise that helped me nail down a personal style. I gathered a bunch of old magazines, newspapers and whatnot and just flipped though them, tearing out images that I liked. I didn't think about what I was doing, just gathered photos that "grabbed" me.

When I had 2-3 dozen clipped images, I consciously went though them and evaluated the photos to find common denominators: color, black and white, contrast, compositon, subject matter, etc. etc. When it made sense, I consciously tried to incorporate these design elements into my own work until it eventually became second nature.

Anyway, after a successful 40-year career as a photojournalist it seemed to work. That, and keep learning. Hardly a day passes, even now, when I don't pick up some new tidbit.

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