Did anyone try the Tamron 85mm f/1.8 SP on the RP?

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Re: Did anyone try the Tamron 85mm f/1.8 SP on the RP?

Tannin wrote:

No, nothing specific to that lens. Just my normal customisations that I do on every camera and use with every lens. That one bug - really something Canon should have fixed long ago but choose not to because they don't like to be seen to be paying credence to other companies products - is a special case. You don't normally have to do stuff like that with third-party lenses. It's only because it's faster than f/2.8 which is where Canon's anti-vignette function bug triggers.

It's not Canon's anti-vignette function bug, it's Sigma's and Tamron's. Canon's anti-vignette function is tailored to the information it gets from the lens. It can't work properly if that information's spoofed. Sigma seem to be getting better at understanding Canon's logic but they've had to rely on reverse engineering. It was always a matter of pride for them that they didn't licence anything. It's up to the third party manufacturer to make an ersatzteil work properly, not the  manufacturer of the original.

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