P900/950 or B700 owners please help!

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Re: P900/950 or B700 owners please help!

sherman_levine wrote:

Sam808 wrote:


I think it's time for a new bridge camera! I've owned Panasonic FZ80/82 in the past but sold it. It's autofocus was good when taking photos but not so much in videos!

I tested the P900 in ths shop and although the hand grip was a bit small for me but I liked the 2000mm.

I watched a video on youtube that someone was comparing Panny FZ1000 vs FZ80 and the former had a slightly better image quality with iZoom enabled at 1200mm. It shows the advantages of a 1" sensor. So I'm thinking the same applies to both B700 and P900. Since the differaction will adversly effect the image quality at ong end of the zoom.

So theoretically the P900 image quality at 2000mm shouldnt be greater than a cropped 2mp image! (Due to diffrraction or maybe lens resolution).

I'd be grateful if someone could post a snapshot of a video at 1200mm and 2000mm on P900 and the 16mp image at same focal length for comparison.

I'm going to upscale the 1080p image using bicubic interpolation to match the 20mp image and then compare both! I'll upload the results here for conclusion.

For B700 or P950 I'd probably need to use both 1080p and 4k video snapshot for comparison! (If someone is interested please upload the photos).


I don't quite understand your question. Well-focused P950 images (and the P950 does focus much faster and more accurately than the P900) look fine at 100% (see samples in my signature link). What would you learn by downsampling to 2mpx and then upsampling to 16mpx?

Hi Sherm,

I really liked your flicker albums. Looks like you had quite few superzooms so maybe you can clear up some doubts. I've read somewhere on the web/ that the max image quality of the P900 max zoom is somewhere between 2mp to 4mp. Therefore an equivalent cropped and upscaled image of a dslr camera with shorter FL will match the quality of P900 @ 2000mm.

Lets say we have a dslr with 400mm lens and higher megapixel such as 36mp. The cropped image down to 2mp will match the P900 full zoom image @ 2000mm.

I was gonna test it out by comparing a upscaled fhd snapshot of the video to the 20mp image and see if there really is any visible differences.

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