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Re: After some advice regarding rules

The Lamentable Lens wrote:

Wildbegonia wrote:

The Lamentable Lens wrote:

tasad wrote:

This is an abstract image - not a picture of a knife and cabbage ...

It is, quite literally, "a picture of a knife and cabbage." And it's an interesting one at that...

...I roughly counted 12 eyes that did not see, visually, "a picture of a knife and cabbage." It is literally, yes, because someone mentioned what it was, otherwise, so many eyes are wrong?

The  12 eyes seem entitled  not only to images which render the subject as they would have it rendered  but that  the identity of the content  be easily recognizable to be valid. Wrong on both counts. The OP owes you nothing beyond meeting the parameters of the challenge.

Pardon, but we are pushing the issue here.

It's not a matter of "right or wrong," it's art. How boring would photography (or any other medium of art) be if we so restricted creativity. Frankly, one of the joys of looking through challenge photos is finding all the creative ways that people can find to represent the challenge.

The rule was "show us your kitchen knife and the product it cuts." That's precisely what the OP did -- his photograph fits the rule perfectly. The rule does not prohibit close shots of the knife, or require all of the knife and the ingredient to be pictured. That rule is being imposed only in this discussion.

Kitchen knife and the product it cuts.

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