How to erase in jpegs?

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Re: How to erase in jpegs?

nopeda wrote:

Years ago on another computer I had a photo editing program that was great for erasing things. You rubbed it where you wanted to remove stuff and kept rubbing until it was gone, not swiping over an area and everything you touched is gone right immediately. The other way seemed to allow more control. I can't remember the name of it but it wasn't an online program it was one I downloaded and it must have been free or I wouldn't have had it. Can anyone suggest a free program that will do that? I recently downloaded Photo Pos Pro v3 and it has an erase tool, but if it will do what I mentioned I haven't figured out how yet. I'd like to be able to erase unwanted sections and also to take the cleaned up image and insert it in another picture. That program I had did all that, but I can't remember what it was...

In graphics editing programs, when you click the erase tool look for an option to change the opacity of the tool.  That will erase things "gradually".

For instance, in Photoshop I can set the opacity of the erase tool to any percentage.  Say 25%.  If I click, erase and then unclick a ghost image remains.  Keep repeating and the image gradually gets erased.  I don't normally do this though.  I always have my erase tool set to 100% opacity.

Curious.  Why do you want to gradually erase something?


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