P950 + DF-M1 Red Dot Sight for Birds in Flight

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Re: P950 + DF-M1 Red Dot Sight for Birds in Flight

Your BIFS are really quite excellent, among the best I've seen from the P-series cameras.  However....I have to qualify this a bit....they are really good "for a P950 or its brothers", because the characteristics of the camera make it difficult to get close to the results you can get with a DSLR.

I tried and tried and TRIED to shoot BIFS with my P900, and was pretty continually frustrated by what I managed to capture.  For the longest time, I figured it was just me, my inexperienced technique, my lack of experience with setting up and shooting BIFS.  But I finally realized it was really all about these types of P&S cameras  that simply had their inherent limitations due to very small sensors and more basic AF systems, so at that point I shifted over to using my DSLR and a moderately long lens for BIFS.  My very first time out  I got the clear, sharp, defined BIFS I'd been hoping for.  I could hardly believe the difference!

My own BIF shooting abilities hadn't suddenly morphed into the ability to get good BIFS....I quickly realized it was the camera that made the difference.  Among the differences offered by my DSLR were a very efficient continuous shooting system, AF that was specialized for grabbing focus and holding it as you track a bird, an AF-On button to use when tracking a flying bird and which separates focus from the exposure, and a much larger sensor which gathers more light and thus allows for better images with low noise at higher ISO.  So I mostly gave up on shooting BIFS with my P900.  Even now, whenever an opportunity presents itself and  I give it a go, I'm always dissatisfied with the results, which don't even come close to what I routinely get with my DSLR kit.  Disappointing for sure, but it's what it is!

I think the Coolpix long zooms are great fun and are wonderful for stationary subjects, so that's what I use mine for.  I'm even about to upgrade to the P950  because I do love these cameras for things other than BIFS, and the P950 results I see look far better than what the P900 produces.  The Coolpix series are fabulous for scenic landscape shots, too!

Despite what I say above, I do want to re-emphasize how superbly you did with your photos so you should feel very good about your results!   I myself have never gotten such good results with BIFS on my P900!

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