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Clix Pix wrote:

Well, the reality is that right now we are in the midst of a pandemic and a lot of people are worrying about paying their rent or mortgage, putting food on the table for the family, etc., and in some cases may decide to unload their camera gear, not as a trade-in on new gear but to get whatever money they can for it.....and that is going to bring down the value of used gear even more than it already is. The market for used camera gear, especially the once-popular brands such as Canon and Nikon, is going to be glutted, if it has not been already. This is said to give you a heads-up about the likelihood of not receiving as much trade-in value as you might be expecting on your current gear.

I spent about a year, maybe a bit longer, in contemplating what I wanted to do and in that time frame two of the cameras in which I was interested underwent updates. Finally one day in November 2019 I just said to myself, "OK, this is it, I'm going to DO this!" and packed up my Nikon gear and took it all to a local camera shop (having already earlier provided them with an actual listing so that they would have time to do their research and get/provide an estimate ahead of time). The day I went into the shop with the gear ready to trade in I already knew exactly the camera body that I wanted, which they had in stock, and also the lenses (in one situation I changed my mind on a lens but they had it available, too)..... We did the exchange, which worked out well to everyone's satisfaction and that was that.

Important to know: if you go to a camera shop and just want to sell your gear, you will get around 10% less cash than you would credit if trading in on items they already have in inventory.....

I too thought their would be some real bargains after the pandemic started and wondered if trade-in prices would be lower.

I have been watching the markets for camera gear very closely and so far I have not seen any appreciable drop in prices on items for sale. i have also gotten trade-in quotes from many of the online camera dealers and their offers seem to be about the same as before the pandemic started.

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