How to set default import settings in Adobe Bridge

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Re: How to set default import settings in Adobe Bridge

Have you read the user guide or used the built in Help or searched online? Maybe try a YouTube video if you are a visual learner? I ask, because you don't say, nor do you say Mac or PC, nor whatever else you have read or tried.

2 second web search found you an answer. I clicked the first link for Adobe Help & then 2/3's of the way down that user guide page is your answer. Link to Adobe Help page here:

Bridge Import Settings

Also, you may need to set your Auto OS settings for what to do when you: eg: insert a USB cable or SD card, etc.. Could be other things but without knowing the OS & EXACTLY your settings & workflow steps, it's just guess work as to YOUR answer. But no problem here with my PC using W10 & ALL MY SETTINGS FOR THE OS & EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM CUSTOMIZED TO MY USE. Good idea IME, to do this & to read the user guide for every single program when one has a question.

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