Q2 do-it-all camera?

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Re: Q2 do-it-all camera?

What about the CL? I saw on one of the threads that you owned it. Now you have the M10. Did not you think to go back? You would be able to use your lenses and even get some extra reach due to APSC conversion. You would have options for autofocus lenses...And btw - why not to consider X100V? It’s pretty amazing as for the form factor and price. It has tilted screen, so no more crawling or lying on the ground to match eye level of your kids. It has face and eye detection which works well and snappy autofocus, which exceeds what I can do on Fuji Xt2. It’s small, portable and has OVF (which you know from Xpro2). You can extend the lens focal length with two adapters.

It has only one issue- it’s not Leica. If you get it and reconsider, you should be able to sell it without loosing too much.

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