5D Mark IV: taking advantage of 4K 1.7x crop factor for stills

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Rolling shutter

pawn wrote:


I have had 5D Mark IV since it came out and am very happy with it. I use it mainly for stills. Earlier I had been using it for everything other than birds in-flight (for birds in-flight, I use 7D Mark II due to the reach with 1.6x crop). Recently, I have started using 5D Mark IV for birds in-flight and find that AF is very good (w/ lower frame rate, of course). I heard that in 4K video mode, it applies a 1.7x (or more) crop factor. Can I take advantage of the crop factor for stills by applying the following on some specific shooting conditions?

1. Shoot in 4K video mode (to take advantage of the 1.7x (or more) crop factor.

2. Set shutter speed to something very high (like 1/1250s or 1/1600s)

3. Do a frame grab on images that I like from the output MJEG.

I realize that (1) storage would be massive but memory is cheap nowadays and (2) the JPEG file is only about 8M.

Are there issues with this approach? Would something called rolling shutter mess this up?

I may have posted something similar to this previously.



You will experience very noticeable rolling shutter artifacts if you do this.

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