P950 + DF-M1 Red Dot Sight for Birds in Flight

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Re: P950 + DF-M1 Red Dot Sight for Birds in Flight

Ok, just found this on Amazon. Price is right and read the review. Yeah requires some fiddling, but doable.


"I bought this to over come challenges in capturing fast moving animals that were darting into my lens field of view too quickly to react to using the camera viewfinder. As a bonus feature, it also allows you to take in the overall scene and activity in a more relaxed position between opportunities while maintaining readiness. I will also be using it to improve close-quarter BIF (Bird in Flight) shots. Mounted on a Nikon D500 DLSR Hot Shoe. Mount is reasonably stable (but there is some potential to shore up some lash/play on the hot shoe to rail mount - note that a hot shoe mount is not the most ideal stable mount). Keep in mind there is no ballistic trajectory for a lens, so you need to take parallax into slightly different consideration when "zeroing" in. Windage is never a problem. If you are shooting a particular setting and know your distance, zero to that distance and forget about it. If you are shooting a variety of distances I would suggest zeroing at the maximum that you need this site for to capture action moving in and out of your frame (for example 100 feet), and then compensating accordingly for the parallax as the subject gets closer. For example if your max parallax is 5", then you would put the dot 2.5" above the center of you target frame for a subject at 50 feet. You would put the dot 3.75" above the center of the target frame for a subject at 25 feet. Anything over 100 feet (for this example) the dot would need to drop below the center of the frame, but that that distance the impact would less (depending on the field of view of your lens). For example at 1 mile the dot would have to be 22 feet below the center of frame, but if you needed that distance for action you should re-zero."

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