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eliehbk wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of replacing my M10 with a Q2, had some SD card error happening over and over. Since it’s no longer under warranty, and knowing that sending it to Leica will take forever to get it back, not to mention that they’ll probably charge half the cost of the camera to change the board - I was thinking of getting a Q2. the only problem is that I’m mostly a 50mm shooter, with the occasional 35mm from time to time. I feel that using the crop function most of the time will make purchasing a fixed lens 28mm not the wisest. Any thoughts from someone that uses the Q2 as a one-camera Setup and uses the crop function a lot?

thank you.

A couple of thoughts. First, using an unknown repair cost as a justification for looking at a 5,000 USD camera does not make sense. I suspect there is something else going on in the back of your mind, not just the cost of Leica maintenance and repairs. That’s fine, but I would recommend you figure out what that is before buying a new camera. If it’s really just the possible repair cost, buy something that will tide you over for a couple months and get the M10 fixed. You’d probably need to fix it before selling it in any event (or sell it to a dealer who would arrange for the repair). Wouldn’t be cool to sell it to another consumer without disclosing the issue.

Second, what exactly is attracting you to the Q2? Is it the extra resolution? The autofocus while maintaining the same form factor? The water resistance? This isn’t a trick question. I own a Q2 and love it. I no longer own any M’s. But I also have an SL2 for the flexibility. Figure out why you might want it vs your M10 and that will help you decide whether you can live with a fixed 28mm and cropping.

Third, it may actually be quite reasonable to buy a Q2 to be used primarily as a 50mm. If the camera otherwise meets your requirements really well and you have no particular need for more than 15 megapixels it’s fine. Truly. Would you pay 5,000 for a 15 megapixel camera that was otherwise exactly what you want? Do you have a use for more than 15 megapixels? Lots of people don’t need more. You don’t need to justify it to anyone but yourself. What would you do with all the extra resolution? It won’t make a difference for looking at images on a 4K monitor. You might care at 5K. You might care for larger prints. At A4, you’d never miss the extra pixels. Do you print larger? Are you worried about a larger, higher resolution display in the future? If I shot primarily at 50mm, my biggest concern would be the effective f/3.3 maximum aperture with the cropping. Would the loss of depth of field control matter to me? Or the more visible noise at higher ISO’s? That’s should probably be as big a concern as the reduction in pixels.

Your current M is already a niche camera that is far from a “general purpose” solution. It’s a terrible camera for shooting wider than 28mm. It’s a poor camera above 50mm. It is nearly useless above 135mm. It won’t do sports. It’s bad at macros. Birds and wildlife? Astrophotography? Hah! So you already were willing to give up a lot of capabilities in search of something. What was that something? And does the Q2 have it? If it does, cropping seems like a relatively minor loss of functionality compared to lack of OIS, lack of weather sealing, lack of autofocus, lack of macro, and a low frame rate. But that doesn’t make the Q2 the right answer, either. Heck, maybe you’d be better served with an FP and the Sigma 45. Or a Hasselblad X1D.

Why are you really looking to move away from the M10? I’m skeptical that it’s really the repair cost.  You don’t even know the repair cost.  It could be just straight up wanting something different. Could be something else. Figure that out and you will know whether the Q2 is the right answer for you.

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