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JulesJ wrote:

Thanks for trying to help. I have had many scanners, my present one is the Epson V700. Over the years I have scanned about 10,000 negs, colour and b&w and tranies. the V700 is good scanner. I scan to my PC and Mac. The latest OS on the Mac will not run the old Epson scan programme that worked pretty well and I was forced to upgrad to Epson Scan 2. Like many new versions of software, this one is worse than it's predecessor. many people on Twitter agree. The V700 manual does not cover Epson Scan 2, thanks for you help anyway.


While the manual may not exactly cover the Mac, the menus should be pretty much similar & translatable, or it is a Mac OS function vs. Epson Scan function for the Mac? Sorry I don't have access to a Mac to check.

So you are using a Mac. That is often helpful to know when troubleshooting what OS one is using, as well as Monitor resolution, settings & hardware. We don't know if you have explored the settings for your monitor or hardware either. It is very helpful to give as much info of OS, software, hardware & what you have & have not tried or searched for when asking for troubleshooting help, as otherwise, a vague question produces just guesses for answers & can send one in the wrong direction.

If you cannot find the word "thumbnails" in the manual or the info does not remotely correspond to the Mac, then check your Mac OS Help & settings for "thumbnails"?

Also, have you tried contacting Epson Help or looking on an Epson User Forum?

Your "signature" "Save money on expensive telephoto lenses. Stand closer to the subject." while helpful for some subjects is not advisable for all subjects. The bears (black & grizzly bears) & calving moose that I was photographing recently would also strongly disagree & could easily get me (& them) killed. I wouldn't also advise it with people in many situations as it can make them feel uncomfortable invading their space, same goes for events, such as sports, where it is simply not allowed or possible. But sort of useful in some situations.

Hope you can figure out your small thumb problem & if I find any info I'll pass it on, but not having a Mac makes it a bit more difficult to troubleshoot.

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