Panasonic vs Olympus : 15mm vs 17mm, 42.5mm vs 45mm

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Re: Panasonic vs Olympus : 15mm vs 17mm, 42.5mm vs 45mm

I've had copies of the 17 f/1.8 and PL15. The Olympus was capable of making very nice images but as a prime it was not a standout in terms of resolution. My copy of the pL15 is distinctly better than the copy of the Olympus 17 I owned. Especially wide open. Both excellent mechanically. Aperture ring on the PL is a plus if you're using Panasonic bodies. It doesn't work on Olympus bodies. I have the Olympus 45 f/1.8 which I've been very happy with in terms if IQ. Very small, light, and inexpensive. Feels a bit cheap but I think it's very good optically. The Panasonic 42.5 has a very good reputation. If using a Panasonic body the ability to use dual stabilization would be a plus.

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