What is this bug? (apparently i cant use WT f)

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Re: Hemaris fuciformis

lowerCamelCase wrote:

  1. jim mij wrote:

I spotted this large green beastie in an english garden yesterday, and after initially running away i went back for a pic. Google didn't help identify it so i thought one of you knowledgeable folk might know

Not the best pic, but i was watering the plants and not out to take photos

Thanks in advance


A very nice animal!

Edit: Don't know the English trivial name, but you should easily be able to google that.

Indeed it is. Known in Britain as a Broad Bordered Bee Hawk Moth (different family to the clearwings which are the - Sesiidae). Classified as Nationally Scarce here and restricted to Southern Britain. Honeysuckle is noted as a food plant too. 
(I’m in no way a moth expert but used a great guidebook ‘Britain’s Day-Flying Moths by Newland, Still and Swash that describes in great detail with useful information and excellent photos a 155 such moths. More than most would guess but still a small proportion of the UK’s 2500ish moths.)

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