Panasonic vs Olympus : 15mm vs 17mm, 42.5mm vs 45mm

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Re: Panasonic vs Olympus : 15mm vs 17mm, 42.5mm vs 45mm

glassoholic wrote:

All four lenses are good, but the two Pana options are sharper to the edges wide open, if that matters to you. The 17 is also a little soft overall but unless you look for it, not really a problem.

Agree in general but the difference is really small (I suspect very close to sample to sample variation).

I found a surprising difference between Oly 17/1.8 and PL 15/1.7 which nobody seems to mention - I like Oly's color rendition much better. It's a subtle but noticeable difference - Oly has normal tonality with a bit more vibrant colors while PL has more cold palette. Maybe it's Olympus in camera processing tuned specifically for this lens but I was not able to replicate Oly's colors in post processing of PL's photos.

Sharpness vise there was no difference between the lenses in the center - my copies were both sharp. PL was slightly sharper in the corners but I had to pixel peep to confirm that. I needed the lens for citiscapes  mostly, so I sold Oly but I'm still missing it's colors - might buy it again, especially that it could be had below $200 used now.

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