Easy-to-use APS-C travel and family camera at ~$500 to $1000 (Fuji X-A7?)

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Re: Easy-to-use APS-C travel and family camera at ~$500 to $1000 (Fuji X-A7?)

While I was doing more research, I wrote a detailed list of differences between the X-A7 and the X-T200, which look nearly identical, but there are quite a lot of minor differences:

Where the X-T200 is better than the X-A7

+ USB 3.1 625 MB/s vs USB 2.0 60 MB/s
+ larger, sturdier grip
+ faster burst speed (8fps vs 6fps)
+ stronger flash (guide number at ISO 100+200: 5+7 vs 4+5.7)
+ electronic viewfinder
+ 1080p instead of 720p for High Speed Movies
+ includes clarity filter
+ movie trimming built-in
+ 3.5mm instead of 2.5mm mic input

Where the X-A7 is better than the X-T200:
- 50g lighter (370 vs 320)
- 1/2" smaller in depth and height [X-T200 = 4.8 in.(W) x 3.3 in. (H) x 2.2 in. (D) while X-A7 = 4.7 in.(W) x 2.7 in. (H) x 1.6 in. (D)]
- Longer economy battery life (450 vs 440)
- Longer FHD recording battery life, with 60m vs 70m in the first mode; 95m vs 110m in the second mode

I'm leaning slightly more towards the X-T200 because of the grip & slightly better specifications in a few places.

A few other random choices, none of which have really convinced me for quality-per-$: the Panasonic GX9 and the Canon EOS M6 Mark II.

However, one I'm considering now is the FZ1000 II: no need to switch lenses (that's big), an overall brighter lens though smaller sensor, seemingly worse AF with fewer points and back to contrast, more complex to use, much longer tele than financially possible in APS-C, an unfortunate 4K crop, much longer battery life, sturdier grip position, much larger body (though no 2nd lens!).

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