Problem using best shot selection using Sequator

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Re: Problem using best shot selection using Sequator

Alen K wrote:

hha1 wrote:

Here are the time with Windows 10 Pro with an i7-7600U at 2.8-2.9GHz. 16GB RAM with a 512GB SSH, with the image folder on the desktop.

For 20 images 0m30s increasing to 0m42sec with best

For 242 images 2m02s increasing to 14m32s with best.

This tells you the kind of gain to expect from a system upgrade.

Oh, I well know my system is old. But I must muddle along with it for the time being. Heck, next time I need to stack 200+ images, I will just go make a coffee.

BTW, this was the final result of my 260 stack.

The gain from your Win7 to my Win10 system  is actually surprisingly little, not worth spending $$$ on an upgrade or a new computer. Either way, a stack of 260 will allow for a decent coffee break.

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