PC or laptop for photo editing?

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Re: PC or laptop for photo editing?

keiththom wrote:

Within the next year, I plan to upgrade my laptop which is terribly bogged down when I try to work in Lightroom and Photoshop together. I just upgraded my camera which makes it worse.

Which would be better - a laptop or PC? (I am not going to try and build my own.) I'd like to find an stock computer that would handle my needs. I've never been a mac user and would prefer to stick with Windows.

My current laptop only has 4 gb of ram. I believe I could only get up to 8 on this laptop. I'm not sure how much this gain would help in the meantime?

If you are just upgrading your present laptop, more ram will certainly help, but a SSD will be a huge improvement if you don't have one now.

In my experience a desktop offers far more bang for the buck. Not only is it faster, it is easily upgradeable at a fraction of the price. There are far more options for peripherals, cards, ram and drives. Unless you need portability, get the desktop. Many photographers get both--a laptop for working in the field and a desktop for heavy lifting.

A couple of suggestions. A pre-built computer will probably be just as cheap or cheaper than one you build yourself. Ram is cheap, load it up: 16-32 GB is just fine unless you are doing lots of video. Add an extra fan or two for more cooling--cool air is our friend. Finally, get a SSD for your main drive. Regular spinner HD are fine for backup and whatnot, but the SSD will really speed things up.

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