Problem with rendering, SD Quattro RAW DNG files in Lightroom Classic?

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Re: I am the guy Denis wrote about

tagscuderia wrote:

Shawn67 wrote:

It isn't Lightroom, it is in your DNG.

I get the same 2400 ish K WB in Iridient Developer with your DNG.


Thanks Shawn, that's that settled then!

For the OP, it's important to set the correct WB in camera because SIGMA uses a 3x3 colour matrix for WB − whilst the DNGs include a Dual Illuminant profile, it's against the CIE's Standard Illuminant A i.e. incandescent light with a correlated colour temperature of 2856K. Thus any correction is interpolated between the in-camera WB and 2856K!

N.B. only with X3Fs and SPP can you correctly change WB after shooting, everything else is interpolated.

As I thought. Thanks for confirming it !

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