Problem with rendering, SD Quattro RAW DNG files in Lightroom Classic?

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Re: I am the guy Denis wrote about

tagscuderia wrote:

Shawn67 wrote:

It isn't Lightroom, it is in your DNG.

I get the same 2400 ish K WB in Iridient Developer with your DNG.


Thanks Shawn, that's that settled then!

For the OP, it's important to set the correct WB in camera because SIGMA uses a 3x3 colour matrix for WB − whilst the DNGs include a Dual Illuminant profile, it's against the CIE's Standard Illuminant A i.e. incandescent light with a correlated colour temperature of 2856K. Thus any correction is interpolated between the in-camera WB and 2856K!

N.B. only with X3Fs and SPP can you correctly change WB after shooting, everything else is interpolated.

For the Quattro's I've found Auto in camera works well most of the time. Dramatically better than the earlier cameras and if it is off easy to fix in LR with the DNG.

When using a digital camera to scan film  (negatives not slides so far) I just use some of the film base outside of the image area to set my white balance.


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