Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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Umm, not really

Alan_Hogg wrote:

Joachim Gerstl wrote:


Simply get the 16-55 and report back. The only ones who think that the 16-55 is only a little better than the 18-55 never shot with the 16-55. Everybody who changed to the 16-55 knows how much better this lens is. It's like night and day.

Hi Joachim

This is simply not true. I have read many posts about people questioning the quality of 16-55 photos. I owed one myself for 12 months and eventually gave up on it in favour of the 18-55 which was equally good except at the 55 mm end and even then the difference was marginal in A3+ prints. So I for one would not call getting the 16-55 a no-brainer. Perhaps my 18-55 is extra good and the 16-55 I had was mediocre, who knows?


Hamilton, New Zealand.

I have owned both lenses, but replaced the 18-55 with the 16-55 years ago. My own experience (and frankly most others documented here over the last few years) vastly differed from yours, which raises the question as to whether the copy of the 16-55 you had was acceptable, or perhaps had issues. Even setting aside the obvious advantages of constant f/2.8 aperture, I found the end-to-end IQ of the 16-55 to be far more consistent than the 18-55, and, particularly on the long end, hardly "marginal" as you put it.

So, IMHO, if the cost difference is not a major barrier or concern, then I would absolutely suggest that, in comparing the two, the 16-55 really is a "no brainer" if optimum (and consistent across its range) IQ is of paramount importance. And, FWIW, I've seen very similar opinions shared here for years, which is what actually gave me the incentive to replace the 18-55 I had purchased years prior. I have zero regrets about that decision.

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