Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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Alan_Hogg wrote:

Joachim Gerstl wrote:


Simply get the 16-55 and report back. The only ones who think that the 16-55 is only a little better than the 18-55 never shot with the 16-55. Everybody who changed to the 16-55 knows how much better this lens is. It's like night and day.

Hi Joachim

This is simply not true. I have read many posts about people questioning the quality of 16-55 photos. I owed one myself for 12 months and eventually gave up on it in favour of the 18-55 which was equally good except at the 55 mm end and even then the difference was marginal in A3+ prints. So I for one would not call getting the 16-55 a no-brainer. Perhaps my 18-55 is extra good and the 16-55 I had was mediocre, who knows?


Hamilton, New Zealand.

Hey Alan - I have been reading this Board since the day the 16-55 was announced and I don't think anyone has ever said the 18-55 is as good as the 16-55.  Not even close, and that 18-55 is a good little lens.

You are also perhaps the only person who has even insinuated that the 16-55 might be mediocre.

The 16-55 is a world-class zoom.  It is superb.  In my opinion, Fuji makes the best glass on the market and the 16-55 is one of their very best lenses.

So I don't know what you saw on your copy of the Brick, how you shot it or whatever, but the nice little 18-55 is nowhere near in its same league.

Hey but we are allowed to disagree about the quality if a lens.  There just never has been much disagreement on the 16-55.  I was the guy who made fun of that lens for two years early on and I'm the guy who named it the Brick.

But I was just having some fun with the size of the lens and was mad that it didn't have OIS.  I never questioned its IQ and sharpness.  Then two years later I bought it and it became my favorite lens.

Hey Alan - PM me when NZ is semi-open for tourists. My wife and I want to fly to Christ Church, rent a car and travel the South Island for a month and we want to do it early as it opens and before other tourists start getting brave and mobbing the place.

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