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Re: Q2 do-it-all camera?

Bags27 wrote:

eliehbk wrote:

Thank you. My favorite combo is an M10 with a 50 Lux currently.

I have the Q, which I don't use anymore, and will sell at the next opportunity. I prefer the CL and my film cameras, which are a lot more fun.

The Q2 is a great camera with amazing IQ, but I find that IQ a bit too digitally clinical to my taste; I prefer what I see coming out of the M10.

If I had a choice, no question I'd take the M. Far more flexible and interesting.The Q/Q2 captivates for a year or so, then for me the charms wear off. But maybe you need autofocus.

I loved the M9 and 50 lux.  Have been a Leica fan and shooter for years. Yes one of the reasons I am moving off the M is because of difficultly with manual focus given eyesight changes over the years. Still can do it pretty good, just not as good as I would like.

Having said that, I really don't find the Q2 a "digital or clinical" look.  I love the output. I read your post and looked through all my shots with my M from out west and absolutely have no issues and the camera with the 50 Lux is a stunner. Unfortunately, I was supposed to go out to my home in MT first week of June but Covid got in the way.

Shooting around the house and of my dogs (like the rest who first get a camera) I am very impressed with the output of the Q2. For my large system, I traded my Fuji GFX 50s and 23 and 63 and now waiting for the SL2 and 24-90. Loved the Fuji, no complaints just played around with an SL2 and was blown away.  No other reason. It was love at first sight.

However, your point I think is well taken. In today's age many (me as well) are looking for that pop, which I do think the Q2 and SL2 give you compared to the M9 with the 50 Lux or my Fuji. With the latter you have to work to get it with the former, it is just there, right out of the camera. Nothing wrong with either but I do see what you are describing but we may just be defining it differently.

My bias towards the Q2 and SL2 look may be a throw back to my old film shooting days with a Mamiya 7 one of if not my favorite camera of all time that to me put out some of the most "pop" and resolved images I have ever seen and some of the sweetest bokeh when needed.

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