Panasonic vs Olympus : 15mm vs 17mm, 42.5mm vs 45mm

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Re: Panasonic vs Olympus : 15mm vs 17mm, 42.5mm vs 45mm

Och Elo wrote:

Eric Nepean wrote:

The 45/1.8 has a field that curves towards the camera at the edges, increasing the background blur. This is a plus if your composition has background at edges, e.g. a portrait, but may be undesireable in other compositions.

The 42.5/1.7 has a flatter field.

The 42.5 has OIS and the 45/1.8 does not. This may or may not matter dependng on the camera you are using.

Oh, didn't know that about the Oly lens. That's actually a plus for me as probably 95% of usage of such a lens would be portraits.

The 45/1.8 gives nice background separation for portraits, and good color and contrast. Also focuses quickly and silently. My main quibble is it does not focus particularly close.

Since you have a 25, the 15 would make a more distinct change from that than a 17. It also happens to be very sharp, although more expensive than the 17/1.8.

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