Negative drying after Developing help please

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Re: Negative drying after Developing help please

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I'm no expert (developed something like 15 rolls of film now), but my personal experience has been that there will always be some drying/runoff marks - no difference if I used wetting agent or rubber drier blade.

I noticed that the matte emulsion side usually is fine. The marks are visible on the shiny backing. So i just breath on the film strips a bit and clean the marks with microfibre cloth. If needed.

Are the marks whitish? Are you sure that all your darkroom water is not calcium hard? Have you tested your water hardness? I can see if you have very hard water in the darkroom calcium residue may be difficult to avoid. It could be pervasive. I only used filtered and soften house tap water in all the water needs in my darkroom for mixing chemicals and washing and used Kodak Photo-Flo 200 according to instructions and never had any spotty drying problems.

I use a photo club darkroom and the water lines have filters, but I don''t know do they do anything about the calcium. It's possible that the water is quite hard. The marks are not super whitish, just so that when you look at the film mirroring to some light, you see them. They are usually not visible because I use diffuser enlarger but if I used condenser type I thing they would be noticeable.

The calcium in hard water is in solution and is not filtered out by a water filter. It is usually removed with a water softner. Water hardness is usually measured in calcium grains in parts per gallon. There are simple ways to estimate the hardness using soap in water but the municipal water company can sometimes tell you the hardness of the water they supply. Here is some information about water hardness.

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