Recommendations wanted: A3 fine art photo printer for max £500

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Re: Used printer economics--different there?

Ken60 wrote:

Just FYI I can purchase a new fully guaranteed Pro 1000 in the UK delivered to my door for £850 and this includes all taxes.... so the % is irrelevant.

That is 850 minus 12x 80ml carts at £38.8 ( best price for replacement) £465.60

So the printer new with guarantee and all the latest bells and whistles costs £850 minus £465.6 = £384.40 add to this mine is delivered to my door , and yours if bought second hand may have delivery charges, and other cabling issues.

I would , and did , walk away from the iminent switching valve issue , transport marks, irregular wrong loading of paper ( albeit there is a way to use a post it note! )

Think about what you will do with the A2 prints, how many will you make and on what papers........ what I am trying to say is this game of spraying ink on paper is deeper than just buying a box, with far more expenses to meet along the way in rolls and boxes of paper , card mounting and mat, framing glazing etc etc If you are balking at the cost going in then where will you be when you have spent all the money, bought all the paper etc , and your ink switching valve dies..... it is a 6+ year old machine wit5h known flaws.

You may be lucky my friend , I hope you are , truly, but the next one to chance it might cry !

Yes, I´d strongly recommend the Pro 1000 for somebody who sells his prints. For someone on a budget like the OP, maybe not so much according to tests which showed, that about half or even more of the ink is wasted on cleaning cycles. It´s an expensive machine to run.

BTW, I have no transport marks or problems with the paper loading. I think some users try to use large A3 and A2 paper sheets with the automatic feeder. If you use the manual feeder, there is no problem. You just stick the paper in the second slot in the back of the printer, the printer then pulls it in a little bit, measures how straight it is and says "ready" after about 5-10 seconds. Only then you click "print". Nothing to it.

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