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The images that you posted that were made with the 24mm lens are superior to this image in every way. This image is not sharper, and high frequency details, such as power lines and fence posts are deeply compromised by aberrations.

The image is also off-axis. That is neither here nor there, but I'm surprised that you offered it as an example.

Also: The image that you posted that was made by another photographer is not as sharp as the two images that you presented in your first post. Detail is smeared throughout.

Maybe his is a bad copy as well. I thought my 100-400 image, while not incredible, is nice for a zoom lens. This one from the 24mm has weird sharp areas in the foreground, but my focus spot was on the distant hospital building in upper right center. It's strange how the billboards to the left foreground of it are so horrendously blurry. While the grass by my feet is decently sharp.

It sounds like the camera missed focus. This image is clearly focused on the foreground at f/6.3. The distant scene is not soft, its just not within the depth of field of your front focused scene. I would hope the original a7 AF would do better, but we have no idea what type of AF point you used or where it was placed.

That said, this thread seems to be railing on the lens, but I see a focus issue. Maybe its the camera's AF, maybe its your lens copy's sharpness or maybe its the operator's choice of AF settings. Until you do a proper test in MF with the lens, you wont be able to tell if its a focus issue or a lens sharpness issue.

Take some photos on a tripod using focus zoom to ensure you have your desired focus point somewhere just beyond middle of the depth of the scene in order to test the sharpness of your copy.

Use this tool to estimate where your focus should be for full coverage:

If the copy is sharp, but you cannot get the camera AF to pick the right focus point, then maybe it just doesn't work well with the original a7 and you might need to return it.

With respect, I would never use AF for landscape photography. It is trivial to use manual focus on a tripod for landscapes and there is no advantage to AF in that scenario.

Thanks for the tips. Yes the post is a rant since I had looked forward so much to the lens for so long Lol. But also I've since read quite a lot of reports of pulsing issues with only this GM model. So it seems too consistent to be user errors. But too small a sample to concern Sony. I did a focus test with a ruler and it seemed to be decently within range, maybe a hair front focused. There are parts of my images where sharpness seems good. Indoors at wide apertures it seems nice enough (image below). I'm probably going to exchange it and if there's no improvement in the new one send them back.

Sounds like a good plan. For what its worth, I have seen the pulsing AF behavior on various occasions with different mirror less lenses and bodies. Its been rare to me and seems to depend on the scene. I think it happens more often at narrow apertures where the camera must focus stopped down to do continuous AF.

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