Problem with rendering, SD Quattro RAW DNG files in Lightroom Classic?

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Re: I am the guy Denis wrote about

Thank you for your time and comment,

this is a screenshot from the embedded preview and these are/should be the correct colors. That's what one also gets when shooting X3Fs.

The DNG is useless (try matching it with the embedded preview colors...), at least when the WB is set manually to 3000K for a dead on 3000K light source.

One could try other WB values matching other light temperature sources (for example digitizing slides with a 5000K or 6000K lamp), but I don't have the time to do this, as I need to move forward with my project. I have switched to X3Fs and export to TIFFs, not only for slide copying but generally when using the SDQ, which is an insanely great camera if used properly.

...and one more thing:
the Sigma DNG firmware statement states that the camera supports now Lightroom - and not vice versa! Which means Sigma provides a DNG with an embedded profile (this was the idea behind DNGs in the first place, to have an embedded profile).

Then Adobe/CaptureOne shoot some images to create a profile neglecting the embedded one, also neglect profiling low Kelvin and we land on a situation like this.

Even if color management is subjective, why on earth does LR shift the WB to a value of 2400K, even before hitting the Auto adjustments button, as Shawn did??


Shawn67 wrote:

Check your Adobe DNG Converter settings to make sure you are using lossless compression. Lossless means the resulting data is identical to what you start with. If you are getting blotches you are either reducing the bit depth or using lossy compression or maybe removing metadata for corrections.

Tried your DNG in LR. It does look awful with the as shot white balance. Clicked Auto and it looks fine.


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