Why to always do pixel mapping on a new camera

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Humansvillian wrote:

JakeJY wrote:

alcelc wrote:

AFAIK, starting to develop dead pixel is a good sign of that sensor should start to approach the end of its life. Pixel mapping is only a temporary measure to mark those dead pixel not to use, but soon more would be occured.

I don't think this is necessarily a reasonable take. When you have literally millions of pixels on a sensor, there will be an acceptable defect rate in terms of stuck or dead pixels. So pixel mapping is done (whether from factory, a repair center, or in camera for those that have the function).

Olympus is one of the earliest makers to allow this to be done in camera, so it's possible they don't do as thorough a job from the factory. Of course if there is a cluster of dead pixels, that might a sign of trouble, but I don't think a few is really a sign the sensor is approaching its end of life (although to be fair, OP's picture seems to have more than a few, but they may actually be dust instead of dead or stuck pixels).

On reflection and close examination, I'm about to decide that when I was taking pictures of the chickens and all of a sudden I heard a squirrel running like the devil was after him,,,

And since it seems the widow and siding were in smooth defocus,,,,,,

And the "dead pixels" are thin,,,

My lens seems clean and dust free,,,

Could those be squirrel hairs?

They seem in focus, and in four years and over sixty thousand shots with a MFT camera I've never before seen any dead pixels, so maybe they aren't dead pixels after all.

Why don't you do a proper test? Expose with a body cap, and expose against a relatively homogeneous, bright surface like sky. I think these will tell more about your sensor health.

I am not quite sure why did you attach the last picture though.

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