Camera Sales dying faster than Mens Formal Wear (suits & ties)

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Re: Camera Sales dying faster than Mens Formal Wear (suits & ties)

BrexitDefCom3 wrote:

Here's the thing. I am a photographer- its my function, but the majority of people are not, although those using phones a lot more than they ever did cameras (if they owned them), can become excellent photographers with the tech now available.

And I think this IS what people go for, because we look so utterly NAFF with a bag, and a fishing waistcoat on, brandishing huge obtrusive machines in people's faces, and nobody NEEDS to do it that way any more.

OK, if you do birds and animals with a big zoom, that is still because there is no easier way, and certainly phones are NOT a better way to record most things, but unless you intend reproduction large-scale or print sales the phone now rules, and will continue to do so now that they have 100MP sensors and RAW Dng 8K video and great sound.

Video , truly mobile, unobtrusive video, has become de rigueur in Covid-19 situations, because video records empty everywhere better than any moody still can (moody stills of empty streets do NOT tell the story at all), and video records how our lives are altered better than stills ever can anyway, such that under lockdown we are ALREADY equipped for the new normal- no need to buy new.

This is because we are raised and conditioned to, and used to FILM! not stills at all. We can follow any movie of any subject as it naturally apes how we see anyway.

The way I, a fine art/reportage photographer sees is related to normal experience, but the power a good still has exists, if it does, in that it is DIFFERENT from real life: it can sum it up, it can portray it, it can give you the mood, the humour, the drama, and the feeling, yes, but only of a single moment in time-like a painting, and that is just not how people experience their lives at all, and so the still camera is a luxurious irrelevance, except for those who, like me, use it as a means of personal expression.

And there are not many of us left.

I couldn't have said it any better: "the still camera is a luxurious irrelevance"

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