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Re: Epson Scan 2

Curious about your question. I don't use an Epson scanner, but just did a web search. I downloaded the Epson V700 User Guide & on page 53 it tells you how to resize the thumbnails. Epson Scan software manual likely doesn't change much from version to version, especially recent versions from the last few years.

So, if F1 in Epson Scan2 doesn't bring up a Help file, where you can search Help for say, "thumbnails", then check the CD that came with whatever model of scanner that you have for the User Guide & search that, or if you no longer have the CD, then you can always find a User Guide from the Epson Support web page, which I found in ???, maybe 3 seconds, via a web search (had to scroll past the sites that try to sell you a free manual from Epson).

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