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Re: Issued claims are what counts

Chris Noble wrote:

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Starting a new thread - not specific to Nikon lenses unlike the previous threads here and elsewhere (see

The diagrams that show the optical construction are a good start, but the specific issued claims are what counts. They are often quite narrow and may refer to a specific characteristic of a single element. A competing lens with just a different characteristic for that single element would likely not infringe.

People here are interested in lens patents not from the point of view of detecting infringement, but as a source of information about the design of lenses. For that purpose diagrams in patents are fine. Basically this is the only source of such information available to the public.

Also, patent applications (which are publicly available on the patent office website and "look like" an issued patent to a lay-person and to many sloppy journalists)

I am sorry, but this is just false. Patent offices, for example EPO, publish the whole history of the patent, including application, examiner's report, and the final granted patent.

often include a wide range of claims that can be brutally edited down by the patent examiner during the patent prosecution stage, which can last several years.

The examiner does not "edit down" the patent, the applicant does.

There is no penalty for infringing on a patent application, only on the issued patent and only on the claims that actually issue. Many patent applications are abandoned during the prosecution stage.

Correct, but not relevant. Again, we are not interested in infringement issues here.

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