Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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I'm Late to This Thread; When You Buy X-T4 You Get One Chance...

Michael Berg wrote:

-for your comments and opinions. So many of you recommend the 16-55/2.8, which is indeed an amazing lens - and no doubt the most useful of the bunch on an X-T4 with the new IBIS system.

I'll have to decide if I want to splurge the extra cash or get a cheap 18-55/2.8-4 which is light weight and absolutely fine optically.

If you are patient, wait for the X-T4 bundled with either a 16-80 or 18-55. You get significant discounts buying either zoom when bundled with the body. That's the only way a new 18-55 would ever make financial sense.

16-80 vs. 18-55: I would go with the 16-80. It is currently my favorite travel lens as I don't need a really long zoom in most situations and so bringing the 16-80 lets me leave my 55-200 or 50-140 at home or in the hotel room.

The 18-55 is a very good kit zoom in a very small and light package. It better be since it goes for $699 when purchased separately.  $699 is TOO EXPENSIVE for what it does; I'd rather save more money and buy something closer to an end game lens.

Because how can I afford the 16-55 when I also want to get the 50-140 at some point?

It is not a question of 16-55 or 50-140. It is a question of which order you buy them. Think annual photography gear budget and plan long term. It took me years to build up my lens collection.

Unless you always travel with a dedicated photo backpack, there will be times when the 50-140 is too big and heavy. That's where buying a 55-200 can make sense.  My 55-200 goes on more vacations.  My 50-140 is what I use for events.

When I bought the 16-55, I understood that f/2.8 and lack of OIS meant I might have to really crank up the ISO or use an external flash (bounced). No problem for me since there's plenty of event type situations where this is perfectly acceptable; I did that for years with a Canon 5D III and 24-70/2.8L II.  In exchange, I got a constant f/2.8 zoom that will work fine shot at wide open and over its entire focal range.

When I combined the 16-55 with an X-H1's IBIS --- that became my favorite combination.

So in short:

  1. If you can wait for the X-T4 with bundled lens (June 2020?), buy the 16-80 as a travel lens or single zoom lens with more reach.
  2. If you can't wait for the bundle, buy the 16-55 (aka brick). It will feel solid in your hands and serve you well.
  3. Another note: if you feel you gotta get the 18-55, buy it used later. (which sells gear from will sell you one with glass rated "exceptional" for $390).
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