Problem with rendering, SD Quattro RAW DNG files in Lightroom Classic?

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Re: Problem with rendering, SD Quattro RAW DNG files in Lightroom Classic?

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Not the SD but I do all my DP1 Quattro files in DNG with LR6. I adjust WB if needed and can change the color mode using the Profile setting in camera calibration. Works great.

I usually put the files through DNG Creator first to lossly compress them as it cuts the file size way down.


So I just wish to clarify the problem. Lightroom does not have support for the Sigma SD Quattro camera model. However the camera can write raw DNG files and Lightroom Classic can import the DNG file but the rendition by Adobe shows a significant shift to the WB and colors in the rendition compared to the Camera rendition. So do any users of this specific model experience if they create DNG files in Camera?

I use X3F RAW which is the proper RAW. DNG is cooked because of the 3 layer design of the camera, meaning you don't have the same latitude in WB etc...

Try the DNGs with Darkroom or rawstudio and see how they handle the DNGs compared to LR.

I doubt there is much difference in WB latitude between the RAW and linear DNG. It is not cooked into the DNG, just the 3 layers of data are built into the DNG.


Well to make the DNG they have to generate blue, green and red layer. So some cooking is needed, but perhaps there is enough latitude. Anyway try the other software and see if that is better. I would not be surprised

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