Negative drying after Developing help please

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Re: Negative drying after Developing help please

Tomm111 wrote:

I do 16oz, 500ml for my developing tank, I pour a little bit Kodak Photo flo (yes only Photo Flo 200 exist) into the bottle cap, let a couple of drops into the 16oz of water, drop my squeegee (Kaiser) into the water, pour out my last rinse, pour my Photo Flo solution into the developing tank, there may be some bubbles but they have never bothered my. After 30 seconds or so take the film from the Photo Flo, squeegee. This is for black and white, have been developing film for 50 + years and this is how I have alway done it, works fine for me, nice clean negatives. Wash the squeegee well after. Are you using the 10 inch Patterson squeegee? That never worked well for me on small film, I use a 3 inch one for 35mm.

If you have smears on your film, rewash 1 minute or so, then dilute Photo Flo, hang again, to dry. Should take off the smears, you may want to use distilled water for mixing the Photo Flo.

I used to put the diluted Photo-Flo in a regular photo tray and after water washing the developed film in the tank, remove it and pass it through the diluted Photo-Flo back and forth for about 30 seconds. I believe that rocking motion help the flow of the liquid off the film. Then I just hang it up. I never touch the wet film with anything because the wet emulsion is so susceptible to scratches.

That was years ago but just recently I found some old negatives that I wanted to scan that were dirty and dusty. I just passed them through some diluted Photo-Flo, They came clean and dried without streaks.

I can see using distilled water to dilute the Photo-Flo if your tap water is unfiltered and hard with calcium. The calcium might cause spotty drying.  I just used tap water without problems because my house water is filtered and soften.

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