Switching from iMac to MBP

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Re: Switching from iMac to MBP

robgendreau wrote:

Michael49 wrote:


Ah, that's what I've got. Lithiums and solar (although only 100W, which I rarely use now that I've switched to the LiFePO4s).

Then you're set, basically. You could just use what you've got, and adjust work flow for power savings (no sense having the HDDs spun up except for copying images from the camera or for backup). I use smart previews just so I don't have to have anything connected to my MBP when I'm out camping and messing with photos. I forgot to mention that I just use thumb drives at times for storage since they are easier to hide away for safekeeping when I'm traveling. Not sure that'd work for you or if the full 3TB has to be with you all the time.

So why would you need a battery driven or bus driven drive, if you've got AC power?

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I've only got one AC outlet that runs off the converter and it's not convenient to where I will be using the MBP much of the time. Pus, AC through the converter uses a lot of power. I try to use 12V power whenever possible.

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