Pentax DA 70mm Limited - Possible oily residue inside lens?

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Re: Pentax DA 70mm Limited - Possible oily residue inside lens?


A BIG thank you to all who responded with suggestions, especially 'resistingLBA' for the excellent illustrated tutorial. Not sure where you got your info from, but if you worked it out yourself - I take my hat off in admiration.

I also appreciated the responses that I didn't follow - they were all valuable pieces of information to help me make my final decision.

I was going to post a picture of the cleaned lens, but I really can't do it justice. Suffice to say that the oil residue is gone and all looks great.

Step 4 of the above tutorial was the most difficult as the back lens assembly was very tightly screwed on. I couldn't do it by hand. I ended up using a pair of vice-grips. I padded the jaws to protect the metal and made sure that the grip was not too tight and it came loose very easily. This was my only 'heart flutter' moment.

Would I recommend this procedure to others? With the usual disclaimers - yes! It was one of the easiest lens repair/clean I've ever done. As always, knowledge and preparation is key. Knowing how to open the assembly was key.

Recommendation (stating the bleeding obvious)

1 - Read the tutorial/instructions thoroughly.

2 - Make sure you have the appropriate tools. In this case a simple, good quality screwdriver.

3 - Take your time and place the items you remove in a clear sequential manner so you can easily reverse the process.

Thanks again to every one.

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