Olympus Capture - Anyone using a tablet?

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Re: Olympus Capture - Anyone using a tablet?

Chumby wrote:

Peter 1745 wrote:

Chumby wrote:

Hi all,

Have an EM1 mkii and Em1x. Looking at using Oly Capture out and about for landscape captures - in particular focus bracketing.

Can anyone recommend an 8" or smaller tablet (dual boot is ok) to tether to with Capture? Am finding Oly Share too time consuming flicking between Live View and Remote control. Capture gui looks much better.

My understanding the Em1x can do it wireless but the Em 1 mkii needs the usb cable?

E-M1iii wireless tethering via Olympus Capture is restricted to transferring images from the camera to the computer. It's a one way process, there is no camera control via WiFi. Also it transfers new images, not any existing images you have on your card.

Capture transfers over existing WiFi networks and there is no need to make a direct connection to the computer's WiFi, like Olympus Workspace requires, so the computer maintains access to the internet etc.

Ok thanks, Peter.

So if I wanted to use Capture out on the trails it would USB connection to either my EM1 Mkii or EM1x? No other existing wifi available.

Yes, USB would be required

Have you seen a cheap, reliable tablet that can be connected to the camera's in this scenario?

I use an old 13” Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 which works for me. I got it new 7 years ago and stuck a 1TB mSATA SSD drive in it. It's WiFi no longer works and sometimes the keyboard stops functioning, requiring a restart, but it is compact, not that heavy and does the job for me. I wouldn't recommend getting one though as more modern machines will have much better battery life. I can't give you any advice on buying a new computer as I don't keep current on what's available, only doing research when my old machine is in its last legs.

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