EOS RP Or 90D?? Help!!

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Re: buying the END-of-dslr or beginning of New FF Mirrorlrss

Sittatunga wrote:

007peter wrote:

I think you already know the answer (but) is in DENIAL to adjust the truth. You effectively are choosing between:

  • the END-of-Canon dslr platform
  • or BEGINNING of New Canon FF Mirrorless

Don't take my words for it, Google Canon Executive statement which firmly state that (R) is the future and that Canon has stop developing new EF lens for its DSLR. Going forward, all new R&D are in making new (R) lens.

90D is a Fine Camera for a DSLR. But Judging by the poor rapid depreciation of Canon 60d/70d/80d & 7D on the used market. I would not invest $1000 into 90d

You might want to consider buying USED DSLR on EBay, I passed on a $135 Canon 7d, and there are plenty of ridiculous 30d/40d…50d for just $50 ~ $75. The market for used Canon DSLR has collapsed, great for bargain hunters like me but very poor investment for sellers.

If you buy the right camera for you, unless it's a business tool your business can claim against tax, its resale value will be negligible when it's time to upgrade. It will be so far behind the times when you come to replace it that you might as well keep it for backup.

Being the smallest DSLR ever built, the Canon 100D (Rebel SL1) could actually turn into a collectible item a couple years from now. I wanted to sell mine last year (mint condition, original box), but the prices offered were so ridiculous, I just kept it. I actually still use it from time to time on family outings, as its battery is still full after half a year in the cupboard and I don´t need to think about reserve batteries.

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