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You may consider that 43 MP files will clog up your harddrive and quite possibly slow down your workflow, very noticable so in Luminar, for example. There is no possibilty to reduce the size of the raw file in-camera to, say, 25 or 30 MP.

And what are planning to do with 43 MP files anyway? I have a 17" printer. Images printed to A2 (16.5 x 24") size, matted and put in an A1 (23" x 33") frame already max out the size you´d typically want in a private home. Now, with an A2 print, you may notice - from close viewing distance - that a lens probably doesn´t offer the best IQ in the corners of the shot, but certainly not differences between any resolutions above 20 MP (with anything else than landscapes even 16 MP and a sharp lens are plenty enough).

Many landscape photographers shoot with Fujifilm cameras (24 / 26 MP), so you may want to take this system into consideration. It´s much easier to carry around, which makes for better photography, in the end of the day. Lots of top dials, too.

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