G9, any good?

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G9 EVF exhibits a pincushion distortion, quite annoying if you are into architecture for example.

Unacceptable for a flagship camera in my opinion.

But 99% of us have never seen it. I'm still not sure what it is.

99%! How did you arrive at that figure? I would have no idea what percentage of units are affected. Here's what it looks like.

To be fair, you have to remember that not everybody uses the EVF with the same settings, so they may very well not see the pincushioning to the extent others might.

The photo above shows the EVF being used in Monitor style and what looks to be the full-sized setting as well. That combo will show off the pincushioning at its worst, but for someone like myself who shoots with the EVF set to Viewfinder style (hate anyting in the framing area other than AF points) and also at one of the smaller sizes (eyeglasses), the pincushion appears notably less.

Does that mean the issue does not exist?

It could be an issue that affects some batches in particular regions of the world. Have you considered that as a possibility?

Panasonic video shooters brushed aside their confirmation bias and were vocal about wanting better video autofocus, because they were unhappy with the performance. Guess what - Panasonic listened and improved it.

I’m a Panasonic user and I want to continue to get quality products.

The problem is that the moment we settle for less, we may get even less than what we settled for.

Panasonic video shooters have demonstrated why it’s worth acknowledging an issue and being vocal it.

No one is saying that it doesn't exist (well, one here has, but they seem to be an outlier), what's being said is that it's not as severe as some people are making it out to be. That's been my experience and I'm sticking to it. And it has nothing to do with confirmation bias - I know it's there, but it seriously has no effect on my shooting and I don't even pay attention to it, the same way I don't pay attention to the shadow in the viewfinder from the mirror retention clip that is a hallmark of the Nikon F4s I still shoot regularly. Would I be happier if it wasn't the case? Sure, but it's just not a deal breaker, and considering how popular the G9 is and how many people have purchased them and love them, I don't seem to be in unique company.

As for it being an issue limited to a particular run of cameras, sure it's a possibility, but since there's no way to confirm it one way or the other, any discussion including that just becomes useless speculation and nothing more.

And no, there's also nothing wrong with voicing concerns and giving feedback so that companies can improve their products for everyone. I think we all want to receive better products, I know I do. If you don't want to buy the G9 because of the pincushioned EVF, that's fine. and understandable. If enough people feel like you do and do the same, something likely will get done about it. But if not, then you may just have to accept the fact that it's your issue and not others' and that future iterations of the camera may simply not be for you if Pany does nothing about it.

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