Negative drying after Developing help please

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Re: Negative drying after Developing help please

Have not developed a roll of film in 30 years, but used to shoot and soup up to 36 rolls/day.

That squeegee thing sounds like an accident waiting to happen, but I have never tried one. This is what worked for me, and I knew dozens of other photographers who did it the same way.

After final wash, use a wetting solution (like Kodak Photo-Flo mentioned above).
Hang the film wherever you normally dry it.
Then take Kimwipes, one sheet.

Fold or roll it so it is the same length but you have doubled or quadrupled the layers.
If folded in half onto the film strip (at the very top) it should still be long enough to leave two ends for you to grip with fingertips on left and right. Gently hold both ends and slide it down the strip, keeping enough pressure* that the Kimwipe acts as a squeegee.

There was always enough of a tail (beyond any frames obviously) at the bottom that I would leave the Kimwipe on there until the film dried, and then I would cut it off before sleeving.

*You are not squeezing the film, you are keeping enough tension on the Kimwipe by pulling side to side to remove most of the surface liquid. This is hard to explain in words, but I never had dust or water spot problems.

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